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WP Easy cart fees charged on my square checkout customer transaction

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  • WP Easy cart fees charged on my square checkout customer transaction

    I just had a discussion with Square just now on the WP Easy cart fee that is charged on purchases on my site. Square says they do not know why it is being charged. They said to ask you.

    I'm not looking for support here. I just want a link or document that explains the checkout fees charged on my customer's purchases? A tutorial or anything. I should have been notified of the per-transaction fees charged - I cannot find it in my emails files.

    Just FYI Square is suggesting I change over to them entirely - to avoid these types of fees and to be able to know why the fees are charged.

    Is there a per-transaction fee charged on every transaction on my site?


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    Hello, and thanks for using our ecommerce software. Square is a very good partner of ours, and while they would probably like users to use only their solution, they don't often cover things like having your own wordpress and wanting to sell on your website with square, this is where ecommerce platforms come in such as EasyCart, and we are a full partner of theirs.

    We do have 2% fees on all our Free editions transactions for paypal, stripe and square + your payment processor fees, such as 2.9%.

    Our professional and premium editions have 0% easycart fees and you only pay what your payment processor charges, such as 2.9%.

    We have a good comparison chart here on our pricing page:

    We also show this on your settings -> payment panel when you sign up as well. If you do feel you would like 0% fees then the pro or premium is what most uses will jump to. Plus you unlock support, live shipping, coupons, promotions, advanced options, order editing, and a ton of other features.

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