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  • inventory management

    Could you not install something that would allow us to look up inventory via model numbers and/or categories as well as allow us to do a bulk edit such as price changes right there in the product management menu? The drill down would make it so much easier when dealing with 1000+ skus. This way we can change prices for sales or drops, etc.

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    I wonder if v4 might address things like that. Or at least it may be a function they could add since v4 will be the solid foundation on which to build upon from this point forward. But yes, I agree that filtering and price editing like you mentioned (and inventory quantity updating) would be desirable.


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      One thing you can do right now, is export, mass edit in excel the prices, import and it should take effect... It works and it is hard to develop mass bulk editing when a very small percentage of users really request it becuase a bulk of users have 100 or less products... I see the need for it, but it's a matter of getting enough development resources to create such tooling. thanks