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  • List all categories as links

    In my custom theme I do not want to include the different categories I've created in the main navigation. I would like to actually have them as links that sit on top of the store page, that will always be there. I know I could just manually link to each category, but I would like to find a way to just create an array of each category. I'm a programmer, so a PHP array would be preferred, unless there's already a way to do this that I haven't been able to find?

    I also know I could make an additional navigation menu and add them within the menu editor of WordPress, but again, I'd like to not have to manually add/edit/remove each one as needed, as I'm building this for a client.


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    There currently isn't really anyway to do the categories other than manually put them or use the wordpress menus and have it put them onto a widget or menu for you. I think everyone will want to display some categories or all categories in all different ways in their themes and no way to really create something that everyone can use... We actually really prefer using the store items from the wordpress menus section, that way anything using a custom menu widget area can utilize them and they work good with themes and such that way... a lot less compatabiltiy issues if that is utilized.