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    How can I change the responsive design so it always displays items in one column? I'm using the list view and when viewed on tablets the display shows two columns. This wouldn't normally be a problem but due to my CSS modifications (which display perfectly in one column) I'm getting a lot of overlap on tablet devices which makes it unusable.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello: You can go to the easycart colorizer and setup columns for various responsive sizes... or you can also use the admin sidebar that comes out on the page. You will notice small arrows left and right for the desktop and it lets you switch between tablet landscape, tablet portrait, phone landscape, phone portrait and setup columns, image heights, etc.


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      You guys thought of everything. Fantastic, thanks!


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        Responsive design also makes it easier for people with disabilities to use computers. For example, if you're using an older browser (like Internet Explorer 6) or an operating system without support for CSS3 transitions and transforms, then your website will appear as though it's being viewed through a window squeezed between two different screens. Click this link for Japanese templates for free. But when you add responsive design to your site, all of those problems go away.