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  • Shipping choice per product?

    A customer who purchases a particular item from my website will actually receive it from an affiliate who ships it to them. The affiliate is located in a different state than my business. I want my customers to get accurate shipping costs through UPS or FedEx for this particular item that will not ship from my location. However, there is not a shipping option per product in the Store Admin.

    I would like all of my products on my website to use my business accounts for UPS / FedEx except this particular product that I mentioned (above). The other issue is some customers may want to next-day ship this product. Again, the issue is inaccurate shipping price.

    Is there a way that you can configure WP EasyCart to change the shipping method per product?

    This would allow me to choose a certain flat rate for this product and continue using the UPS / FedEx from my own business accounts for all other products. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately we don't have that complexity to develop shipping live rates Per Product. For many that would be a huge task to setup and is very specific to your needs perhaps... we only have cart level shipping systems, with a few exceptions of handling charges able to be added at the product level, shippable status at the product level, etc.