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    I want to change the term 'Related Products' to 'Related Courses' as what I am selling are training courses rather than products. Can any one tell me how to do this? I have some coding experience but html only. I've attached a screen shot to help show what I mean which may or may not be viewable (is large on my computer but became very small when I attached it!)

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    Hi Trish, I just purchased WP-Easycart a few days ago, I went in to take a look at the admin to try to help you (because I may want to change it as well in the future)... here is where I found what you were looking for (ps your image was Too teeny tiny to see).

    Go into your 'Store Setup'
    Click 'Advanced Language' on the left
    Scroll to the 4th option there 'Product Details Page'
    Click +... and scroll a bit to 'Store Related Products:' (it is about a dozen up from the bottom of that list)
    Change words there as desired, click 'Save Changes'

    As a side note, I am not too skilled on code and such, but a Very useful tool (if you have Mozilla/firefox and I think Chrome has a similar version)... If you right click on a live site page, an option comes up that says 'Inspect Element'... This is your friend. There is a little outline box with an arrow all the way to the left once you are in Inspect element mode, if you click that and hover over an element on your page that you want to investigate, you can see the code for it (click it if you want to keep it highlighted, to select a new Specific element that way, click the outline box with arrow again)... or just keep it on Inspect element and hover over all items on the page to get details. The Code box on the right, will show you more details like color, font size, borders etc for each element selected.

    I did that first and got: ec_details_related_products_area for the 'Related Products' text below it. I then changed the wording around to Product Details and went looking in the WP EC admin for that Verbiage, and found it within the 'Advanced Language' 'Store Setup' area (where we now see that we can change far more wording details in the designing of our site... which is new to me as well).
    Also note, the Inspect Element tool is great if you don't know CSS and want to swap out colors, font sizes etc to your shop. You can click an element, and double click the code it has and change it there to see what it might look like, copy and paste that into your CSS. Just note, prior to doing that, you should Download copies of your shop just in case. Also, if you add CSS code to your shop within the 'Advanced Options' (beneath the 'Advanced Language' section), 'Custom CSS' section.... you can always delete any CSS there, that you added that didn't work, or tweak it for a different result.
    Anyway, I've learned a lot of CSS stuff from "inspecting" it and beginning to see familiar code and what it might do. For further info on that, you can always check out W3Schools to learn about CSS and other useful stuff and how they function.

    Much luck.


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      Wow! Thank you so much eyescream - that was brilliant. Went to Advanced Language and managed to change all of the wording I wanted, really easy. And the tip about google chrome was fantastic . tried it out on a few websites and found fantastic information. Thanks again, really appreciated.


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        So Awesome Trish!
        I also need help with WP-EC and still have yet to receive any info or contact from them, I figured while I'm waiting... why not help someone if I actually have something useful to give.
        So much luck to you in your future webshop endeavors.


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            Hi, just to let you know problem sorted! Just needed to change default shipping rate from 00.50 to 00.00.


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              Really nice to see community members here helping each other... good answers and finds here...