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Text in Direct Deposit info is invisible - white on white

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  • Text in Direct Deposit info is invisible - white on white

    I'm trying to put payment details into the Direct Deposit information box.
    When entering the text in admin screen, all is OK - it is black text on a white background.
    When using the cart and selecting the Direct Deposit option, the text appears as white on white - ie invisible.

    I've tried changing the colourising from dark background to light background, but this makes no difference to the info box.

    What code change would be needed to affect the text colour in this box, without changing the text colour in other areas of the site?
    Eric G.

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    It's probably a theme CSS issue. Can you provide the link to the page you're referring to?


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      correct, just a quick view of the page and open your web console and inspect it, find the style, change the color, add CSS to the easycart admin -> advanced settings -> custom CSS section. Some themes change a lot of stuff, some we let the theme control, so easycart blends well, others we try to control so that it doesn't get style overridden... fine line.


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        Thank You. That worked fine.