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Admin not getting sale notification email

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  • Admin not getting sale notification email

    The store successfully sends an email confirmation to the customer after the sale, but the admin doesn't receive it. We've tried having the order go to an email with the domain of the store, to a verizon email, and a Gmail email. Please help!

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      Did they come through?

      for future reference... email can sometimes not be reliable and one can follow these tips.

      1. try going to advanced settings and turn "Use WP Mail Method": to ON.
      2. try installing one of the many free SMTP plugins. I like 'postman SMTP' and this uses authenticated email, which is more secure and reliable.


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        Hi, I have the same problem, I never got so far a sale notification email. I turned ON the Use WP Mail Method, any other suggestions before installing a SMTP plug in?


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          nope, would install an SMTP plugin like 'postman smtp' and that way you get more reliable email communications... so many mail servers now reject emails if all the headers and information are not there... I don't think many PHP servers that use native php mail methods include all these so they get rejected by many servers quickly.


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            My client gets the admin email from their store no problem. But when his customer pays by PayPal the customers email address does not appear in the email with the rest of the contact information unlike the other payment types. How do we fix this?