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  • Admin sidebar missing

    Good morning guys, I can't find the admin sidebar in my easycart. I was using it when it was the demo, then didn't see it anymore, then I updated with the Standard package yet it's still gone.
    What did I do wrong?

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    So the admin sidebar will only appear out on your store frontend pages... and you have to be logged into wordpress as an admin as well.

    IF you don't see it, there is a way to turn it ON/OFF in the easycart admin -> basic settings becuase sometimes it fights with themes... so it needs to be set ON in there.


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      Hi there, thanks for the answer. Yes I was looking for it on my store frontend page, and yes, I'm logged as an admin.

      Which is the option that has to be ON in the easycart admin -> basic settings? I can't find an specific "admin sidebar" option, the "Hide Live Design Editor from Admin" is OFF but I guess it should be (it doesn't change anyway if I put it ON) then I can't see anything else to change....

      My theme is Nosh (from Themeforest)


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        So, it's ON on settings and still no admin sidebar.

        any other ideas?


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          This might be the entire theme controlling this and not allowing... we have seen some themes even move it becuase their CSS is so poorly written they overtake any form or any div in the entire system... not good for a plugin type architecture like wordpress... It's ok to have it off, might just need to go to easycart admin -> colorizer and you have the same options there.


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            Thank you, I don't know what kind of problem was but now I can see it again. Maybe an update of the plugin was missing, not sure. My theme is Nosh from Envato, I don't think its CSS is poorly written. Thank you very much for your help! You can close this conversation