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Using Relative URLs for Images

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  • Using Relative URLs for Images

    Just getting things set up in the free version of WP EasyCart, and it seems pretty nice so far. One problem though: My site uses relative URLs, so when I pick an image from the media gallery, the URL starts off /wp-content/uploads/.... Apparently the plugin does not like this as it seems to add the relative URL to its own pics folder, "/wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-data/products/pics1/" ahead of the correct gallery URL. If I add to the beginning, it works fine. So the question is: Is there a way to prevent EasyCart from adding its own prefix? I'm using a child theme, so I could add something to the child theme's functions.php file. Any input would be much appreciated as I'm in a bit of a time crunch on this.

    Thank you!


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    I concur with this issue. It is a bit annoying! Esp when working on a dev server with a different base url. It makes the code less modular. It requires DB search replace, or manually changing urls for each product from inside WP EasyCart.