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    First of all, please excuse me, as I am a novice, but it's been an enjoyable challenge setting up my website. I have now installed EasyCart and uploaded images to my product page, but some of them are too large in size for that space or more vertical, instead of square and overrun the star ratings and the item titles. How can I re-size the photos (I already resized them and uploaded a second time to no avail)or customize the images so the titles and stars are under each image? Everything looks great on the individual item pages. My WordPress theme is Twenty twelve and I'm using the Wordpress 3.9.2 version.
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    We have optimized the design and CSS to use square images, which is why they may overrun if not setup as a square image... normally, you will photoshop or edit your images and crop them to a nice square image of say 800x800 pixels for best quality.

    We are about to release V3 which will allow different proportions and really cool customization of your product images right on the screen, so stay tuned to get a really cool product coming in a week or so...


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      Wondering where and how I can now (June2015) make use of the sizing I am still in the testing period I am not sure whether I have this option available at all?! thx


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        If you open the admin side bar when you are viewing a page and logged into wordpress admin, you will notice the new design choice on the sidebar is to go with dynamic imaging... this way it will grow vertically automaically with your images. It works good if you have landscape and portrait images that are inconsistent sizes. The titles and prices of the products will come up though, and not be a consistent tiling across always, but if you don't want to set hard height limits, this is another option...


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          ...looks great, thx!