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Can I use Enfold Advanced (Avia) Layout Builder to create product page layout?

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  • Can I use Enfold Advanced (Avia) Layout Builder to create product page layout?

    I'm new to EasyCart, new to the forums. I've been using Enfold for years so was very happy to see it in all the demos.

    I'm trying to build an online bookstore..
    WooCommerce lets me style the pages with the Enfold layout builder (example: ), but I don't want to use WooCommerce.

    I'd also like to style the "all products" page exactly the way I have it set up here:

    I'll keep looking through the documentation, but any pointers are appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    Update: I should have provided screenshots. The links I posted above no longer represent the design I was trying to create.


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      So our system does not allow you to build with the enfold modular page building components in their avia system. We use then frequently for our projects as well, but we don't have it THAT modular. If you are looking to redesign our dynamic product details template, you can do so using a child theme file system that we have in place.

      Here is a helpful design document: At the bottom we discuss how to build a child theme system and where those files may go. I also have a video guide on here to help. Obviously these two pieces have more than I can type here, but a good starting point depending on how elaborate you are looking to customize.

      some users choose not to do a template and instead build their own product details pages because they want full customization and use a page builder and only a few products... In that case, some of our shortcode may be helpful, like an add to cart button, or you can also link to your cart page and dynamically add products to a cart using them like this.

      example url add to cart: ( just replace ec400 with your product SKU of course)

      So several ways to go, either edit the template file and do it through PHP, or design own with a page builder and link to cart with URL.