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Product Image size in Store??

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  • Product Image size in Store??

    Is it possible to have the product images show smaller in the store? I changed the "physical size" of one of my product images, but it still shows as the same size as the other product images in the store? I just don't like how large the images look. I have 3 columns wide if that makes a difference...

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    So the columns are setup so that if you show 3, it will equal distance the columns, 4 it will do 25%, 5 it will do 20% of your content area...

    So the images should really be consistent, but they will fill across that area. I always process images at a nice 700 to 1000 pixel size. They can be proportioned however you like, but I like to keep them consistent. If you do 1000x700 pixels, then do that for all images for consistent behavior and display.


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      Hi, I was actually looking to reduce my image size as well. Currently on my theme (notedly designed for WooCommerce) it's taking up about 50% of the page and the short description the other 50%. Would it be possible to change that ratio to 30% and the short description 70%, at least on desktop? I tried messing with the code but even though I could resize the image the padding next to it remained the same, which seemed to be some kind of binding box or something (my understanding of code, even CSS, is incredibly limited. Kind of pigeon coding :P)



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        You can convert files online from one format to visit with no software installation necessary. There are online converters for popular file formats,and all you have to do is upload them, enter the file name and click 'Convert.'