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  • Pre-SALE Question about Shipping

    Hie, I’m currently working with the trial version of easycart. I am working on it to see if it will work. I have one major issue I wonder if you could help me with. Is there a way to show the shipping options on the checkout page, like I’m offering FREE Local pickup but the option to select it is not showing up until after people enter their details. I want people to be able to choose from standard shipping, express shipping or local free shipping right at the beginning on the cart page before checkout. Because right now it automatically shows shipping at £3.85 so people are abandoning their carts when they are that. Is it possible then to select their shipping On the cart page before checkout please?

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    So what you may want to do here is not have shipping on the cart page... We don't ever show all the rates on the home cart page due to all the API connections and the need to get address info before we can really do good shipping rates, so that always comes after the billing/shipping addresses are put in.

    But, in your case, you can hide the shipping from showing anything on the cart page since it's a best guess estimate at that point for shipping... Just go to the settings -> checkout and you can remove shipping from the first cart page...