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Some issue with Easycart

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  • Some issue with Easycart

    We have received many customers complaining about our store, here are the main issues which I don't know how to solve.
    1, Somebody tries to add product A to cart, when he goes to his cart, product B shown there. When I test the same item, everything is correct. He uses Chrome browser.
    2. I have setup a few shipping methods, such as USPS priority, UPS ground and UPS next day. Many customers have told us when they try to select a shipping method, no shipping option available. But I can see every shipping method I have setup.

    Why my store acting like this?

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    1st thing to check is do you have a caching program, security firewall plugin, or anything like that running in wordpress and clear them, and disable security plugins to see if that helps.
    2nd, is to make sure you are current and updated on the plugin.
    3rd, for shipping, make sure you don't have shipping zones. If you didn't cover all shipping zone scenarios, including a default, then it will show them nothing as there is nothing to match...


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      It's a bad experience to rotate a pdf and see that the author of the paper and all her/his co-authors' names are shifted to visit, above or below. And it's especially bad if you have found an interesting pdf and have to read it, but can't do it because the vertical text is rotated. So, what can we do to avoid this?