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Double-checking re coupon redemption limit?

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  • Double-checking re coupon redemption limit?

    Hello --
    I'm assuming that when you create a coupon and choose a number in the "Limit Coupon Redemptions" field (that isn't 999), that means that each customer gets that many uses of the coupon? Or does it mean across all customers? In other words, if I put "5" in for limiting redemptions, does that mean each customer can use it 5 times -- as though I'd handed each customer 5 paper coupons when they walked in...or does it mean that it can only be redeemed 5 times at all -- in other words, as though I'd only printed 5 paper coupons to hand out in total? I would assume it'd be the former, because that seems the most useful...but I'd like to make sure, so that I'm not surprised with a lot of people being unable to redeem the coupon. Thanks.

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    No, it's overall usage. So if you setup 500 coupon usages, it's 500 across all users and not each account. Reason is anybody could just create a new account and keep using coupons... easy to bypass that methodology... but if for some reason you want to limit a coupon to the first 25 users, then it would work that way.


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