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  • admin

    So what I would do here is setup a product and it will always be a quantity of 1 to start with... but yoiu can call it whatever in the title... say 250 Business cards. And this equals a quantity of 1 and the price is $19.00.

    Then in the option set you build a combo box that has 'Standard 250 Business Cards' and then another option that says '500 Business Cards (+$10.00)' and then another option that says '1000 Business Cards (+$20.00)'

    The user will use the option set to upgrade/downgrade between the various amounts. Quantity of course will always say 1, but the option set makes it pretty clear.

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  • Morgantown Printing
    I am also needing unique pricing. I will be selling printing. I need to be able to have 250, 500, 1000 quantities for things like business cards. Example 250 for $19.00. 500 for $29.99, 1000 for $39.99. How can I achieve this?

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  • TerpDip
    started a topic Unique pricing structure

    Unique pricing structure

    I am trying to figure out how to set up EasyCart so that it uses a quantity based price structure.

    I am selling vials of TerpDip, a natural flavouring agent. I currently have eleven flavours with many more new flavours coming out in the future so whatever system I put in place for pricing must be scalable to allow for many flavours.

    It cost $30 per vial. A variety pack of 4 vials is $100. When you add 4 vials of any flavours to your cart, I need the price to automatically change to $25 per vial for a total of $100 for 4 vials. Then if the add more vials to their cart, the 5th, 6th, and 7th vial must cost $30 each. When they add an 8th vial, the price for the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th vial will change to $25 per vial, and so on in multiples of 4. The vials in multiples of four must cost $25 per vial and any vials on top of that must cost $30 until they add more to get another multiple of 4. I hope that's clear.

    I also need the exact same thing as described above but when they reach 20 vials any flavour in the cart, the price changes to $15 per vial for all twenty vials. If they ordered 21 vials in the cart, it would be $15 per vial for 20 ($300) plus $30 for the 21st vial for a total order of $330.

    I can't figure out how to do this in EasyCart. Did anybody else figure put how to set up a similar pricing structure for selling individual units and multi-packs of different sizes? They must be able to mix and match any combination of the flavours they like into variety packs of 4 or boxes of 20.

    My solution for the variety packs was to create a Variety Pack product and add 4 drop down boxes (basic option sets with 11 option items each) to select a flavour for each of the four vials. See here:

    If you would like to look at what I've got so far, check it out here: