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Inventory and cases

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    I believe we worked on a ticket for you, but for others who may read this... the inventory system would work if those were per product... so if you sell the product by the bottle, that product inventory would count as 1 item.

    If you use a product to sell a case of say 12, then that would count as 1, so you would need to account for that as to how many cases you have.

    There is no way for the store to calculate 12 bottles are really in 1 product and also combine that with cross-product inventory control.

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  • Glisson
    started a topic Inventory and cases

    Inventory and cases

    I am setting up a site that sells wine. In cases of 2, 6, and 12. How would I go about setting this up - option sets? I didn't see anywhere to change the price. Each case has a different price and weight. I don't really want to make each one its own product, that would be confusing to the customer. I was hoping to have something to manage inventory by the bottle. Am I out of luck? Any suggestions?