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Abandoned cart emailer customization

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  • Abandoned cart emailer customization

    Loved the new abandoned cart feature, very useful!
    Is there a way to customize the emailers for abandoned cart users? I'm interested in customizing its design but most of all the language of the email.
    Thank you very much

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    So if you wanted to just adjust the text/language, this would be the best path to take as it would allow you to update the plugin, and the design files, while storing the language changes in the database. Just go to the easycart admin -> language editor.

    IF you wanted to actually build your own emailer in PHP, you can create a child file for just this template called ec_abandoned_cart_email.php. This means you can still update the plugin, but this one design file will not get overwritten.

    Here is a blog article on creating a child file system:


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      Correct me if I'm wrong but there may be an omission in the blog.
      The blog states "...repeat this for the wp-easycart/design/theme/ folder."
      Perhaps it should be ...repeat this for the wp-easycart-data/design/theme/ folder.


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        I think you might be right... kind of weird wording there... need to write a better tutorial maybe