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  • Customer personalization option

    Hi, I sell books online and would like to add an option to some of my products for customers to select YES / NO to having their book signed. If yes, then a text field for the customer to enter a personal inscription would be needed also. Can you help with how to do this please?
    Thanks a lot!

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    While there is not a way to check off yes or no and have a text area appear if you select yes... there is a pretty straightforward way to do this. You can use either a text input or text area option and you can put a basic price adjustment for a set amount for that option if you want and/or you can enter a per character amount to compensate for the length of the inscription if wanted. Whatever is appropriate for your product. The product's short description could explain to add an inscription for $x.xx amount, etc or to leave blank for no inscription. Hope that helps. EasyCart is quite nice and flexible for many things.


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      Thanks for this advice. I'll give it a go.