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How to get all customer's information when they sign up

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  • How to get all customer's information when they sign up

    Right now EasyCart will only sends me the new user's email address when they register. Is there a way to also be emailed the customer's password, and other info they enter? I am responsible for keeping all their info in a database of my own and sending them their password when they forget it.

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    All the user info is in Store Admin > Accounts. You can view and export that info as needed. However passwords should never be a part of that info.

    If they forget a password, you would add a new "temporary" password and update that in Admin and send them that new password. That should be noted to them as a temporary password... one that they would change to their own unique password after they log on. It is not a normal practice for any Administrator of any business to have the customer's password. No one should know someone else's password for anything unless the password owner gives it out.

    However it would be nice, as an administrator, to be able to look at a customer's order history just like they can and also make edits. That might be something version 4.x will allow.
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