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Product pages in shop not showing up or timing out

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  • Product pages in shop not showing up or timing out

    i am having an issue that if I add a product or edit it, even just adding or subtracting a full stop in the description the product/page then become non accessable ie; times out or not found both if i go through the site or just click on view product when I had edited/created it.
    The product appears on the menu ok just when you go to the product page and I can add it to cart.
    I have looked at my hosting and the pages all appear there but on testing they time out.
    I can take a perfectly good product add 1 letter change somewhere and render that page unresponsive.
    I have turned off all my plugins to look for a conflict but no difference.

    This problem has only appeared in the last couple of weeks.

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    I would recommend submitting a support request or contacting us from This sounds like a specific issue to your server and we should be able to figure it out by sending us access to your site to review.


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      Hi Matt.
      On further investigation I have found that if I delete the 1st image from a product the page then works but not ideal not to have no product images in the menu.
      Not keen on submitting a support request as they dont usually get responded to as my partner has had a ticket lodged since June & no response In fact only 1 of the 4 tickets submitted over 2 years has had a response.


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        Sorry you have had a bad experience, likely the responses are being blocked by your email system, which can happen from time to time. We respond to all support ticket requests within 1 business day, usually an hour or less during business hours. We also now have a chat system available during regular business hours that you can submit information directly to us. We should be able to figure this out pretty quickly by looking directly at the issue you are having. Thank you.


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          Product pages in shop not showing up or timing out. Some important points are needed here that guy who fix all these important pages to know more for these products review pages is really difficult to give time to the shop or we maybe check something different from here.