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New products appear first instead of last

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  • New products appear first instead of last


    For the past month or two, I have uploaded more than 100 products in different categories. The sort is Default order and whenever I added a new product - it used to come up as last in the category, after the others already there. Today, suddenly, when I upload a new product it appears first in the category - before all existing items. This happened 7-8 times in a row. I add new products by duplicating the last uploaded product and then editing it - but this is exactly what I did before. I can reorder them manually, but that would be difficult with hundreds of items in each category. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Well, we do have a setting in our wp easycart -> settings -> products that lets you set a default sort order to 'Newest First' and maybe that is selected?


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      No, it was set to Default and I never changed that. I reordered them manually, then saved new order. However, this didn't happen again when uploading new products to next category. It worked okay and every next item came up last as usual. Still not sure what happened and why.