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Has CCS changed for hiding quantity selector?

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  • Has CCS changed for hiding quantity selector?

    A forum entry from some five years ago indicates that, to hide the quantity selector on individual products, one would use the following CSS:

    .page-id-XXX .ec_product_details_quantity {
    display: none;

    where "XXX" is the page-id of the product you wish to hide.

    I have been trying to use that code in my EasyCart install but it does not seem to hide the selector; in fact, it does not seem to have any impact at all.

    As an aside, I am plugging that CSS into the "Custom CSS" section in the "Design" settings under the general settings: so Settings>Design>Custom CSS

    FWIW, I also tried the suggested global CSS in the very same "Custom CSS" section:

    .ec_product_details_quantity {
    display: none;

    Unfortunately that had no impact either.

    Any suggestions/advice very much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Yes, the CSS from 5 years ago has changed and you would use .ec_details_quantity instead.

    .page-id-XXX .ec_details_quantity {
    display: none;

    This would target a specific page.