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Option Sets affecting "Continue to Shop"

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  • Option Sets affecting "Continue to Shop"

    Hi, thank you for the amazing product.
    Currently still in free mode, but waiting on client payment before purchasing pro.

    The items in my store that have Option Sets takes me through to a page where I can make the option choices, but after "Add to Cart", it shows successful message, and gives me the option to "Checkout".
    I would love an option to add the "Continue Shopping" feature here that takes the client back to the spot that they were on the store page. Is this possible? Is this a feature that I have missed somehow?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    We don't have that feature... I am assuming that when you click add to cart, it is just showing the green bar that says they can checkout... so essentially they can just hit the back button to go back to the store anywhere...

    We actually have 2 options here, you can have like this, so the user stays on the product when they add to cart, or we can have it actually go to the cart when they add to cart. this is a setting in our settings -> checkout panel.

    But we don't add a continue shopping to that message becuase it's already staying on the product. If you go to the checkout/cart instantly, we do have a continue shopping button in the cart.