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  • Subscription options & pricing

    We're setting up a membership site using subscriptions/Stripe. There are 3 levels of membership, each with a different price. We tried making one subscription product "Membership" and using option sets to let the buyer select the level (since the levels are based on location such as International or USA) and it displays correctly in the cart, but making the selection using radio buttons in an option set doesn't update the price in the cart. It just keeps charging the base price no matter what option set selection is made.

    Is this the best way to set this up? Should we instead make 3 subscriptions - one for each level/price - and then make them all a subscription plan in Stripe? I was trying to keep it simple so that all the memberships were in the same subscription but maybe that's not how they work?

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    Hi doriseraldi Have received any help on this?


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      Thanks, mikereid! Josh answered my questions and we got the subscriptions set up (3 separate products - each type of membership is its own product) and all is working well.