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Unable to delete item from the Cart

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  • Unable to delete item from the Cart


    after I click on the Delete button ( x ) to delete an item, the page refreshed and the item re-appear...

    Any idea?!

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    It sounds like sessions are not setting correctly, or there is possibly a problem with the way https:// is setup, thus causing the session to be lost. Have a look in the easycart admin -> store status page and make sure you have all green lights...


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      Well, complete first store still Yellow and We don't use https for the moment (as we are in dev mode).
      Could it be this?!


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        Can you make sure that the cart is and account is not a sub-page or child page of any other page? they need to be top level pages...


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          All pages are on top Level! I thought It could be related to the Browser, but it's not the case...


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            So the store setup on the first checkbox is still yellow? this would indicate you have not made the 3 pages (store, cart, account) and that they all need the shortcode on them AND linked up in our store setup page... If you need further assistance, try to be a bit more descriptive or give me some screenshots to work with thanks


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              All 3 pages are set on TOP Level. I can access them ( and and
              The only yellow checkbox is "COMPLETE FIRST ORDER"

              I don't use HTTPS for now.

              Doesn't matter if user is logged in or not... Still unable to remove item from cart (or even increase quantities)...

              I've tested it on FireFox, Chrome and Safari (and iOS Safari).

              When I click on the X Button:
              1- a update button replace the x button
              2- the item is remove
              3- the page/cart reload
              4- the item re-appear!

              When I increase quantity:
              1- I click on the + button
              2- Quantity increase
              3- I click on Update button
              3- the page/cart reload
              4- I quantity get back to what it was

              Could it be a cookie problem?!

              Any idea?!
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                Any help?! Please!!


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                  Have you updated to the latest plugin version, see if there was some jquery fixes released in that setup... might help resolve. What happens is many themes come with older jquery files, no way to unload them.


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                    Okay I understand It could be related to our Web site theme?! So I'm stuck because of the Theme.. seriously?!

                    All plugins are up-to-date!

                    Remember, when I click to delete the item, the item is removed (momentarily). And once the page refreshed, It re-appear! Like if the cookie hasn't be updated!

                    I'm starting to be upset guys! The only thing that keeps me from putting the Store online is this! So I really need your help!
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                      Any help would be appreciate!


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                        hmm, have you looked at your easycart admin -> store status page? see anything red in there regarding sessions? You might submit a support ticket from our website and include some login information there so we can take a look... the more info/examples you can post there the better.


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                          I've opened a ticket!