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  • Disabling Account Page

    Hi there,

    I'm in the process of setting up a WordPress site to sell signed copies of my book(s), and am trialling WP EasyCart to see if it's suitable for my needs. My first hurdle is the Account Page. I only want to use the WP EasyCart Store and Cart pages, as I don't envisage much repeat business. I'll be using a Third Party Gateway to process payments, so that I don't have to add SSL to my site. Can I simply delete the Account Page that WP EasyCart created?

    Apologies if I'm not making too much sense. This is all new to me!



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    Unfortunately the account section is important for customers... it lets them see their order history and manage their login information, plus, it lets them update addresses for billing/shipping. The more critical aspect is that all downloadable goods are downloaded from the users account, so if selling downloads, it's important to always force them to create an account and disable guest access.

    Now you can delete the page/link if you want, but we recommend it be somewhere, even if in a small sub-menu, footer, etc.