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Returned Fault: User not authenticated

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  • admin

    so if that session does not increment when you refresh each time, that means the server PHP sessions are not setup correctly. To fix that, send the ec_checklist link to your web host and tell them that the session is not set correctly and they should fix it no problem. If a host is unwilling to make sessions work, then you should move to a new host like bluehost or wpengine. ecommerce requires good sessions to work to keep cart contents and such.

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  • daisydee
    started a topic Returned Fault: User not authenticated

    Returned Fault: User not authenticated

    I've recently updated my WP and plugins. Now when I log into WP Easy cart Admin area I get the following message: "There was an error processing one of your service requests. This error usually occurs when your plugin is out of date and needs to align with the current version of the admin console you have installed. Please insure you have the latest version of the EasyCart plugin.Returned Fault: User not authenticated" It worked fine until I did updates. The site is hosted with GoDaddy. I did find a post that said to test it by going to When I refresh the session test number does not change. The post I found doesn't tell me how to fix this. Can some help me?