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No Longer able to login to EasyCart Admin

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  • No Longer able to login to EasyCart Admin

    Originally posted by jjones View Post
    Hello: first off, this may be a problem with updates, always be sure you have the latest easycart plugin and admin plugin installed.

    The store admin uses a single url entry point for communications, this way ipad, android, desktop apps we offer can access your admin area as well. So if this one entry point doesn't work, because of PHP variables or otherwise, then it won't login at all and often gives this message.

    1st, go to the store status areas of easycart, make sure you have all green lights. Session path problems are common, so talk to a host to get those fixed if they show up.
    2nd, deactivate all other plugins, try to login. If it works, then we know it's a conflict, and turn them on one by one and try it until you find it. (This is also what wordpress themselves recommend in many troubleshooting issues)
    3rd, if it's not a plugin problem, try switching themes, see if the admin works, if it does, then the theme can very rarely have coding that causes an issue.
    4th, once we have eliminated plugin issues, theme issues as conflicting software, then lets look at the host. Do you have PHP 5.3 or greater running? if not, host will do that for you. 5.2 does not work and is ancient.
    5th, we have seen some hosts running various caching programs at the server level. Varnish or Cloudflare, check with your host to see if those are running, can be removed or turned off temporarily to see if they are causing the issue.

    If none of those techniques work, submit a support ticket, we can look, although we will likely go through these same steps with you as well to insure this is not the easy fix...

    I have all green lights and php 7.0. I disabled all plugins, changed theme to 2017, turned off all browser extensions, turned off Cloudflare, and have cleared all caches, including browser cache.
    Varnish is already disabled on my server for other wpeasycart compatibility reasons.
    I've disabled and re-enabled Easy Cart plugins.
    I haven't been able to login to WP EasyCart Admin since the last couple EasyCart updates. Neither from within the backend of WP, nor from the stand alone PC version on my machine or other machines.
    My site requires HTTPS.
    Prior to a couple months ago, I had no issues logging in to EasyCart Admin from the WP backend, or from standalone versions (using [x] use SSL).

    What I have that in the upper right, there is an "Register" icon - implying that my registration isn't recognized ?
    However, there is no link that allows me to re-provide my registration information.

    What To Do ?
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    My Dashboard shows "Register" logo, implying that it somehow lost it's registration information.

    However *the "link" to Register* (see )
    is **NOT** Active - the area that is supposed to be active to allow one to Register their product, is completely Dead.
    There is no *Link* !! - just text and a "Register" image.

    I cannot even get to this page, which would release my registration, so that I could re-register.

    I cannot see any orders. Cannot click on any admin link, so I cannot view my customers. I cannot export CSV.
    Including the ability to re-enter my Registration Key.

    Please Help.
    Is there a way I can enter my registration info in the database ?
    Is there a file I need to delete, or create ?
    I have no idea why it quit working.

    I believe this was timed with an update, though not 100% positive that that is what triggered the broken functionality.
    This occurred A couple of updates ago, I believe a couple months ago. At least its been many weeks!
    I have again performed the latest updates (including WP, and all plugins), the issue persists.
    (Again, the issue persists after deactivating all other plugins, clearing all server and browser caches, etc.) Store itself works.

    Something has rendered my store Admin useless. I'm baffled. Any hints, clues, workarounds to try ?



    Register your WP EasyCart using the following registration form to unlock all the benefits of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.
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      Also, I am no longer able to update the standalone desktop version of WP EasyCart Adminstration Console.
      Adobe Air updated, so far as I can tell, but not EasyCart:
      Installed Version: 3.0.36
      Version to be Installed: 3.1.4
      Sorry, an error has occurred.

      The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author.
      Error# 0

      I believe I've gotten this message for several versions.
      Same problem persisted on various computers.
      Operating Systems: Windows 7 Pro, and Windows 10.
      It may have also occurred on Windows 8 - not sure what OS his laptop is running.

      We have not been able to login to Admin Console either from within WP backend, or standalone apps.
      Again, the WP backend hints that registration info is not recognized.
      Yet, the link to check/enter registration is inactive.

      Any Ideas on what can be done ? We cannot see any customer orders, or customers, or access Anything in ADMIN panel.

      Thanks for any suggestions.