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product additions and shop Syncronization between Easycart and Facebook .

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  • product additions and shop Syncronization between Easycart and Facebook .

    Is there a way to link Easycart shop to a facebook page/shop, This is possible in Woocommerce with the addition of a pluging called "Facebook for Woocommerce"
    When that is installed on a woocommerce website it automatically syncronizes to a facebook page/shop so you end up with a social media shop that is the same as your webshop.
    As we are using Easycart I was wondering if this function is possible or available with an Easycart shop.
    Maybe "Facebook for Woocommerce" could work with Easycart, probably not though.

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    So we have a Facebook feed extension in our premium edition. And what this does is allow you to go use business manager on facebook and setup a catalog. That catalog of products on facebook then will sync all products from EasyCart -> Facebook Catalog. You can establish a feed syncing schedule, say ever hour it syncs, or every day, etc...

    Once you have products in facebook in a catalog, you can do a multitude of things, really all up to facebook, but post things on a store, create ads, ad carousel systems, even push ads across to instagram. Mostly this is used to show those nice 'Shop Now' advertisements and users will end up going to your website to buy products... But I would imagine your product catalog can also fill a store page with content as well. Really this is up to what facebook allows you to do with a catalog of products, but we just get the products there via a feed connection.