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  • product size/price options

    I have many products, and most of them have varying sizes and prices - not a % change of price, but a new price.

    ie. 250g $5.00, 500g $8.00, 1kg $14.00

    but each product has its own size and price settings.

    Do I need to create options for each and every product? Will it still track inventory? Or better to create a new product for each variation?


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    This can really vary based on your needs and what you want to do.

    1. Creating new products when they are clearly different products is a good idea because it gives you more control. Control on lots of variables like images, descriptions, taxes, shipping, weights, coupons & promotions, quantity tracking, etc... So sometimes it's best to have this.

    2. But this is easily possible with our advanced option sets. You can create an advanced option set and set the 'base product price' to change completely or you can set the price change to just increase/decrease like a basic price adjustment to the existing product.

    So can very greatly on what you feel is more robust and flexible for future use, your needs, looks, etc.