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can't get Apple Pay to work

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  • can't get Apple Pay to work

    I am new to this software, just set it up on my site the past few day and am in Pro mode for 14 days.

    I followed the instructions here for setting up Apple Pay, including uploading the extra file but the only thing I still see is Google Pay. What am I missing?

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    So one thing I wanted to ask, and maybe an obvious one, but they are smart checkout buttons, meaning you will not see apple pay if you are on an android phone, or on chrome browser, etc... Only on an apple device like an iphone with apple pay setup.

    If you are on a google browser with google pay setup or android phone, you would see the google pay button. If neither are setup, then you would see neither of those and just checkout as a normal user.

    I was wondering if you were aware of this feature with wallet payments? and want to make sure that's what we are looking at here.


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      I don't see Apple Pay on my iPhone.