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Minor Bug: Quick Edit Save does not reset "New Order" flag; Save on regular Edit does

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  • Minor Bug: Quick Edit Save does not reset "New Order" flag; Save on regular Edit does

    Minor bug:

    Using the Quick Edit to update Order Status (to a Custom Status) and Saving, does not remove the "New Order" exclamation point, or New Order Count.
    Clicking on "Edit" then immediately clicking "Save" (after having already changed the Order Status via Quick Edit), *does* trigger "New Order" flag to OFF.

    I did not test to see if Quick Edit behaves the same way if choosing a non-custom Status,
    or if changing a different Quick Edit fields also fails to "unmark" the New Order status.
    I also did not test to see if Edit -> Save (after having made NO changes previously via Quick Edit, or currently in Edit), is the only trigger required to turn the New Order flag to OFF.

    It seems that updating Order Status via Edit or Quick Edit would remove the flag.
    Or if Saving, with changes, or without changes, would yield the same results, whether done so via Edit vs Quick Edit.

    (PS this new Custom Status option is super useful)

    (PPS I also *really* like the Per Item (Exclude from Shipping) setting!! and hope to see it expanded - so any/specific shipping method can be enabled/disabled/defined on a per item basis.)

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    The quick edit stuff doesn't take the exclamation off, think of the exclamation as you have to have viewed the actual order details at least once to remove it... it shows the order has been actually viewed... or that was it's purpose for us. quick edits and bulk actions will not change that.