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Missing Elements on Checkout Page

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  • Missing Elements on Checkout Page

    I have a new cart setup with minimal modifications. When I went to test the site before deploying, I'm not seeing a way to add another shipping address or create and account. Any help would be appreciated. See screenshot for reference.
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    UPDATE: Josh from support emailed me and offering this solution:

    It looks like your theme is doing some really weird things... like hiding all checkboxes with CSS. It makes no sense why someone would do this, but have a look.

    Add this:

    body[data-fancy-form-rcs="1"] input[type='checkbox'] {

    height: 20px;

    width: 20px;

    position: inherit;

    left: inherit;



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      Yes, we have found that some themes do really poor job of CSS, like applying or hiding ALL input boxes, or taking a select combo box and appying a style to it that will never look good in other plugins.

      Remember, WordPress, then Theme, then eCommerce, then other plugins.... Order of importance to choose quality... don't go with one just cause it's free