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UK English, Free Shipping and T&C, Privacy check boxes.

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  • UK English, Free Shipping and T&C, Privacy check boxes.

    Hi, I've installed WP EasyCart today and I'm advancing slowly on setting up my shop on my site.

    My first issue is that I want to change the English US to English UK. In advanced languages, I cannot find the option to do this, where can I find this option? I want to do this as on the checkout page the form is US. State and Zip Code. I would like to change these to County and Postal Code.

    Also, I would like to mention somewhere, but not in the description that shipping is free or included in the price. I've made a shipping option set, although it does not show on the product page even after clearing my cache. Can I add Free Shipping somewhere prominent?

    Finally, T&C and Privacy Policy check boxes are not visible. I have added the URL's in the Checkout Form settings.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    did support answer this question? It seems that every question I have looked at so far there is no support at all with this product. Not happy at all.