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  • Store shown "no results found"

    I tried to setup EasyCart on a local xampp & wp installation. But no matter what I try, the store doesn'T show products.

    System setup:
    XAMPP 3.2.4 (GD and SOAP extension in PHP activated)
    WP 5.7.1

    Easy Cart Setup with Standard settings (only location to Germany and taxes activated)
    Demo Products installed

    When going to store page: "No results found"
    (I tried to create products manually without success)
    The Store Page is linked correctly in the settings. Cart Page shows as well but only as empty (of course because I cannot add products)

    Tried with Incognito Mode as well to avoid caching issues.

    Does anyone have any idea? Otherwise it seems I need to change to a different product.

    Thanks a lot.

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    tried a complete new setup already with the latest versions from today ... same result. Seems I need to look for a different e-commerce solution