I would like to purchase WP EasyCart but I have a few questions to be answered prior to my trial expiring tomorrow

Is there a way to clear the abandoned cart completely prior to opening? I don't need my test carts as leftovers from learning the program...

I found that using any apostrophe - either as quotes 'Merope' or The Devil's Back adds a back slash and changes them the read '/Merope/' or The Devil/'s Back; looks bad and it is not the name of my item(s)

Is there a way to default the admin product page to 500? and/or return to where you were (or am I missing something?)

My site has SSL; all pages are https. However when I upload my product photos, they're reading as http... it's tedious to go in and physically change each one by hand. is there a work around for this?

So far, this is the BEST Cart I have tried and I would really like to move forward with it