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  • CSV Product Import Hanging

    After following all the guidance on using the Product CSV Import utility, All I get is the system hanging whilst trying to import the file just showing "Processing Import File ...Please Wait".

    I have tried this utility several times now from the Free Version to the Pro Trial Version without any success.

    I have gone right down to trying the most simple process of exporting the CSV file, (Only four Products that I have entered, it was the same when using the EasyCart Demo Data also)) editing one digit and re importing the same file. All without success.

    I would appriciate hearing from anyone who has or maybe experiencing similar problems and/or solution suggestions.

    I have checked numerous times to ensure the CSV file is the exact same format as the original Demo Data format and cannot workout what the issue could be.

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    Easy Cart Diagnostic Results. Unable to load copy of CSV file sample.
    I have even tried editing the "csv" in a simple text editor to ensure no deviation from the original sample. All permissions appear to be in order for writing to "php" files.
    Really dont know now where to begin to resolve this. Any help welcome.
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