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  • Initial setup questions

    Hello everyone.
    I just started using the plugin and when trying to customize a lot of questions arose.
    1. The site is not intended for direct sales. It is only necessary that a potential customer can select products and send a request. Is it possible to somehow remove or not show such elements as payment method and prices?
    2. The site already has its own structure of catalogs. Is it possible to save it somehow? Do I understand correctly that I will have to manually insert links to each product on each page?
    3. The contents of the cart is sent by wordpress method and goes into spam. To avoid this, is it enough to run a mail service on the site server? Is the cart content code open and allowed to be modified? I would like to write a processing for sending via Telegram.
    4. I found where to customize colors and fonts for the cart page, but I can't change the green color of the add to cart message bar. Is this possible?
    5. And finally, last but not least . In the process of customization I made a screw up somewhere and I think I turned on some kind of redirect. Now when clicking on a product (and when inserting a link to a specific product) in the browser appears the correct link, but at the same time is displayed not the product, and the main page of the site. If this is a common mistake, it would be great to know how to deal with it.