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  • QUick Books Integration - Inventory Management

    We have integrated with QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing Edition. I do want the Easy Cart store items to be Inventory parts, thus we must manage inventory in Easycart. However, as easycart does not work in both directions, the inventory is never correct in Easy Cart and thus each time a sync is conducted, the inventory is overwritten. Our orders do not all come from the online store, therefore, I am not sure how we can overwrite this problem.

    My other problem with the inventory is that we don't actually hold inventory for many things, but place a PO with the manufacturer once we receive an online sale. In order to use some of the features in Easycart, we must fake the inventory to have option sets be visible and items not appear as backorder. Can some of these options be made available without being associated with inventory? Once again, I must use inventory to have my whole accounting back end appropriately receive these items as inventory parts.

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    I'm not sure if I'm following you completely but wouldn't it be best since you don't carry the inventory to classify those items as "reimbursable" parts? It's a non inventory class in QB (Quickbooks) that you still can use the parts to write PO's (purchase orders). We three classes, non inventory, non inventory with reimbursable charge and inventory.

    Do you still use EasyCart and the QB plugin? I am disappointed that it is no longer in development. I thought we could work around not having EC connect to QB but now I'm not so sure. The QB plugin was one of the things that initially got my attention with EasyCart only to learn after months of working with EC, the QB plugin is not being developed

    I feel that QuickBooks should be the master of inventory control. There's so much more power there. All carts tout about inventory control but all they do just keep track of it. QB let's you run reports for valuation (important for year end taxes), let's you know what items were sold over any time period, average quantity of each item sold per week, sales decrement inventory while completed PO's increment it, etc, etc. I don't mind the one way dump of data to QB since we do 90%+ of sales online.


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      Hi Stompin, did you ever get the QuickBooks plugin to work after your 500 error? If so, how so? I cannot overcome it.


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        No, I sure didn't. I think with QWC file should be in the EC files somewhere but it's not, thus the 500 error... or something like that. Any help with this from EC?


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          So we do not support the quickbooks plugin anymore. Intuit makes it very difficult to work with, and easycart customers always want something unique or different to their needs. Only way to really sustain that plugin is if we charged $500 bucks to each license of it... and even then we put in so many hours and everyone wants something different

          as for a 500 error though, the plugin generates that QWC. It has to for intuits unique interface and my guess is that you do not have something on PHP's side to allow it to generate...


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            It worked fine when I tried it in the past with earlier versions of the plugin. Seems like it's an issue with the current version of the plugin that is available.


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              Not always, 500 errors usually mean something changed hosting wise, perhaps a bump from php 5.3, 5.4 up to 5.5 or 5.6 or even 7.0... not sure though. If someone wants to work the plugin and make it work, they are more than welcome to.


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                I've been using a great solution to get orders into Quickbooks. It's a one way dump but works real nice and it's very flexible to set up and import those orders any way you want them to appear in QB. Using it does require me to make a simple edit to the export orders PHP file but once that's done, it's good. That edit makes the EC export a CSV "Flat File Format". If EC would add that simple tweak in the order export function to make a flat file, it would be good and if they would add an option to export only "NEW" orders, that would be perfectly polished.


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                  please post up your file change here and we'll take a look at it... would love to put more in there. I know in version 4 I have it so you can use the admin to sort orders now (date starting, ending, order status, then what you see in the admin you can hit export and choose an export type (pdf, excel.... I can grow that section, so if it's a CSV that works well for everyone, might be a good addition)


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                    Regarding "exportorders.php"

                    Yes, CSV is definitely the way to go for dealing with data between other platforms. So much more flexible than XLS. XLS is fine if you need formatting or formulas exported but for data, CSV rules. Up until recently EC was exporting it with an .xls extension however it was really just a tab-delimited csv file. Matt changed it to export with a .csv extension and is now delimited with a comma. Much better! Plus that is consistent with the product export which is also comma delimited CSV.

                    Basically the change I made to exportorders.php is around line # 292

                    Originally it's as follows...

                    $single_use_key_names = array( "sub_total", "tax_total", "tax_total", "shipping_total", "discount_total", "vat_total",
                    "vat_rate", "hst_total", "hst_rate", "pst_total", "pst_rate", "gst_total", "gst_rate", "grand_total",
                    "order_date", "order_status", "payment_method", "shipping_method", "tracking_number", "promo_code_used",
                    "order_customer_notes", "user_email", "user_level", "billing_first_name", "billing_last_name", "billing_company_name",
                    "billing_address_line_1", "billing_address_line_2", "billing_city", "billing_state", "billing_zip", "billing_country",
                    "billing_country_name", "billing_phone", "shipping_first_name", "shipping_last_name", "shipping_company_name",
                    "shipping_address_line_1", "shipping_address_line_2", "shipping_city", "shipping_state", "shipping_zip", "shipping_country",
                    "shipping_country_name", "shipping_phone", "vat_registration_number", "agreed_to_terms", "order_ip_address", "order_weight",
                    "order_gateway", "card_holder_name", "creditcard_digits", "cc_exp_month", "cc_exp_year", "stripe_charge_id", "order_notes" );

                    To get it to make a flat file, I just omitted and names in the array like this...

                    $single_use_key_names = array( );

                    I imagine other bits of code could be eliminated regarding the 0 array but this was a quick fix and I did not want to cut anything more that might be dependent on other lines.

                    Now those columns get the necessary repeated info needed for a flat file instead of zeros. Now I get all orders into Quickbooks and print both beautifully formatted receipts for the customers and radically different formatted pick slips for in house order processing. Plus inventory is managed in QB and that's a big deal. Very powerful.

                    Adding a button to export a flat file for all new orders by clicking "Export Flat File" from the Orders area would be great. Thank you for your interest.


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                      We've ironed out a very nice solution to get all your EasyCart orders into Quickbooks without making any changes to the "exportorders.php" file. Thanks goes out to Matt for all his valuable help. I'm really glad as this will let serious Quickbooks users to have the ability to use the EasyCart shopping cart platform. This is a big win for both EC and store owners. I'll make a post to give the details on how to set that up. In the meantime, let me know if you need more info sooner.


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                        I author the CartSpan eCommerce/Accounting integration that supports the U.S. versions of QuickBooks Enterprise/Premium/Pro, QuickBooks POS (Point-of-Sale), and Sage 50. CartSpan offers a very deep integration with these accounting systems and it appears that there might be such a need within the WP EasyCart community.

                        Based upon WP EasyCart's favorable reviews and momentum in the WordPress marketplace, I am interested in extending CartSpan to support it. I would like to collaborate with an existing user of WP EasyCart to make this happen. Ideally, this would be 'power user' of the product that maximizes the use of WP Easy Cart features, has run the product for at least a year, and uses QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory requirements. In return for your cooperation, I am happy to waive the initial licensing cost of CartSpan.

                        If interested, I'd love to hear from you. I can be reached via the contact information found on

                        Best regards,
                        Scott Wheeler

                        The most capable Ecommerce integration for QuickBooks, POS, or Sage 50. Synchronize orders and update stock/price. NO MONEY UP-FRONT, NO PER/ORDER TRANS FEES!


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                          We would be happy to work with you and have you develop an integration with our shopping cart. You can shoot us an email directly at as I couldn't find a contact email on your site.