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  • QUick Books Integration - Inventory Management

    We have integrated with QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing Edition. I do want the Easy Cart store items to be Inventory parts, thus we must manage inventory in Easycart. However, as easycart does not work in both directions, the inventory is never correct in Easy Cart and thus each time a sync is conducted, the inventory is overwritten. Our orders do not all come from the online store, therefore, I am not sure how we can overwrite this problem.

    My other problem with the inventory is that we don't actually hold inventory for many things, but place a PO with the manufacturer once we receive an online sale. In order to use some of the features in Easycart, we must fake the inventory to have option sets be visible and items not appear as backorder. Can some of these options be made available without being associated with inventory? Once again, I must use inventory to have my whole accounting back end appropriately receive these items as inventory parts.

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    Hi Stompin, did you ever get the QuickBooks plugin to work after your 500 error? If so, how so? I cannot overcome it.


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      So we do not support the quickbooks plugin anymore. Intuit makes it very difficult to work with, and easycart customers always want something unique or different to their needs. Only way to really sustain that plugin is if we charged $500 bucks to each license of it... and even then we put in so many hours and everyone wants something different

      as for a 500 error though, the plugin generates that QWC. It has to for intuits unique interface and my guess is that you do not have something on PHP's side to allow it to generate...


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        Not always, 500 errors usually mean something changed hosting wise, perhaps a bump from php 5.3, 5.4 up to 5.5 or 5.6 or even 7.0... not sure though. If someone wants to work the plugin and make it work, they are more than welcome to.


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          please post up your file change here and we'll take a look at it... would love to put more in there. I know in version 4 I have it so you can use the admin to sort orders now (date starting, ending, order status, then what you see in the admin you can hit export and choose an export type (pdf, excel.... I can grow that section, so if it's a CSV that works well for everyone, might be a good addition)


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            I author the CartSpan eCommerce/Accounting integration that supports the U.S. versions of QuickBooks Enterprise/Premium/Pro, QuickBooks POS (Point-of-Sale), and Sage 50. CartSpan offers a very deep integration with these accounting systems and it appears that there might be such a need within the WP EasyCart community.

            Based upon WP EasyCart's favorable reviews and momentum in the WordPress marketplace, I am interested in extending CartSpan to support it. I would like to collaborate with an existing user of WP EasyCart to make this happen. Ideally, this would be 'power user' of the product that maximizes the use of WP Easy Cart features, has run the product for at least a year, and uses QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory requirements. In return for your cooperation, I am happy to waive the initial licensing cost of CartSpan.

            If interested, I'd love to hear from you. I can be reached via the contact information found on

            Best regards,
            Scott Wheeler

            The most capable Ecommerce integration for QuickBooks, POS, or Sage 50. Synchronize orders and update stock/price. NO MONEY UP-FRONT, NO PER/ORDER TRANS FEES!


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              We would be happy to work with you and have you develop an integration with our shopping cart. You can shoot us an email directly at as I couldn't find a contact email on your site.