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autofill/remove Firstname and Lastname from Create Account on checkout

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  • autofill/remove Firstname and Lastname from Create Account on checkout

    On the checkout flow, guests are required to provide Firstname and Lastname as part of their billing information.

    Further down the page is the option to 'create account', but it asks for Firstname and Lastname again - duplicating information provided by the user earlier.

    Suggest either simply remove the Firstname/Lastname fields from display here (and use the values entered from billing information section when the form is submitted to create the account) OR when the box is expanded, pull in the values already entered so that the fields match, thus saving user time and duplicating effort of re-entering fields already provided.
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    Hello: I like the idea of those 2 fields auto filling for starters during checkout... The reason we have this is that many users purchase for companies and don't use their info above, or many times customers go to the account area and create an account, without having a billing/shipping address, so we still want their names there as well on the account, which could vastly differ from the billing/shipping... but a good compromise is to speed this up and fill it in when they have done so above perhaps...