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    I often get requests for quotes. They usually involve the customer sending me an email or a contact form from my website. Then I have to go back to the customer with the question of "To where would I be shipping?', then the customer comes back with the shipping address. The third step then has me going to my web site, choosing the product, and completing the shopping cart process. Step four has me then generating the quote based on what the shopping cart calculates. Step five has me emailing the quote to the customer. This whole process could take two or three days.
    I suggest a "Generate a quote." feature that would have the customer generating the quote by themselves in one sitting. Instead of taking the customer to the credit card screen, the quote feature would offer a "Print quote" option that the customer can take to their procurement staff for approval and processing. Whoever actually processes the purchase wold then go back to the website, enter the quote number, and complete the purchase.
    Instead of the customer printing the quote for processing, have an option, "Send quote to (store) for review, where I could modify with a price adjustment..