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Reservation time/date for Food & Drink Orders

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  • Reservation time/date for Food & Drink Orders

    I've been using EasyCart on a Wordpress website for my customers to order and pay for evening meals in advance. This works great except for the issue of date and time for their table reservation.

    I have done this in two different ways before now:

    1. I have created a free item at the top of the menu with options for time and day - (this is clunky and confuses customers)

    2. I have started the customer journey in WPForms and then passed them to the EasyCart menu after confirming a table booking (This is also clunky and generates lots of table bookings with no order or payment!)

    The ideal solution would be a query-box or a popup-link option in the checkout page but EasyCart doesn't seem to have one.

    Does anyone have any suggestion of a better way to set this up before I look for an alternative platform? - Thank you.