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  • Firstdata Global Gateway and Hosted Checkout

    Looking to setup a new site with wpeasycart, but I do not want to keep any customer info on my site, so I would like to use a hosted checkout pages from first data, can this be done with wpeasycart?

    So what I should see is the Cart takes the order and calculates it, the customer clicks a button to checkout and is sent to a firstdata hosted checkout page and after completing the purchase sent back to me.

    My second option would be with emulation is that even possible with wpeasycart.

    Thanks In Advance

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    So we offer third party gateways (where customers leave your site just to pay) and this would be very similar to paypal free edition that we have already. If you want to use a live gateway(where customers pay on your website by entering credit cards) then we offer over 20+ gateways in that region. Live gateway providers would be like, firstdata, stripe, paypal pro, etc...

    both are secure in that the live gateway system requires you to have an SSL on your website checkout process, but no credit card information is ever saved even with live payment method on your server. The transactions are checked by the gateway and instantly approved or disapproved, but never saves the credit card information.

    Easycart does save the order information such as customer name, addresses, email, but that is nothing users can't find by using google. It is the payment and credit card information that shopping carts should never save and we do not ever save that information. so it's safe to use either third party or live gateways.... but if you still do not like it, paypal free edition would be the most universal. first data and authroize are live processors, so you would need an SSL on your website.