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Notice: Standard and Lite Editions Discontinued

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  • Notice: Standard and Lite Editions Discontinued

    We want to let everyone know that the standard and lite editions of EasyCart have now been discontinued. The decision to discontinue these products and end their product life was done for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Adobe has released news of discontinuing flash. With the end of the adobe flash browser system, none of the products in those editions will continue working or be supported by any major browser in the coming years.

    This prompted us to develop all new products, including our new profession and premium editions. These editions contain completely new backends and are rewritten in html to work across devices moving forward.

    What does this mean for old license users?
    Those on the standard and lite editions can continue to stay on those editions for as long as they like. The product has come to an end and is now discontinued but will remain available at the following locations:
    WordPress Standard & Lite Plugin (last stable release):
    WordPress Desktop admin console for Standard & Lite: (last stable release):

    What New Products do we offer?
    We have released all new products moving forward that include our Professional and Premium editions. These new plugins have been rewritten completely in html and will work across all major browsers moving forward. We have removed the adobe flash admin to insure stability and cross device support within these editions.

    Can older Standard & Lite editions upgrade to these new editions?
    We are offering a free upgrade path to the professional edition for all legacy standard and lite users. The upgrade is optional and entirely up to the user if they wish to upgrade and switch to this new edition. If you choose not to upgrade and wish to stay on the legacy software, you may do so. Support & updates for the standard & lite edition have come to an end and are now discontinued with those products. If you choose to use the new edition products moving forward, you do so agreeing to the new software terms & conditions.

    I have Support & Extensions, do I still get those?
    We have always offered our support & extensions in 12 month increments. If you have purchased support & extensions, we fully honor that for the remainder of your support & extension purchase.

    Are apps discontinued?
    No, apps are available in our Premium edition only. We have offered them on google play and itunes for free in the past, but they are now a part of the premium edition. Our last stable release for desktop apps are available above if you wish to continue to use.

    If you have any questions regarding your licensing, whether you want to upgrade or should not, please contact one of our staff at to discuss and answer any questions you may have.