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I'm switching from Pro to free and I'm having issues

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  • I'm switching from Pro to free and I'm having issues

    I had pro and wasn't getting the sales and using the options much. I was having issues with credit card processing anyways. Twice actually. I'm now switching back to the free version until my sales increase. I was told to delete the pro version and it would go back to the free version. I'm still not able to process credit cards. It just says the credit card cannot be verified. So but the customer service person said to renew the pro to get support. OK I'm going to pay the pro price to get support on the free version? Why and how? If I go back to pro b/c I paid for it, then when I go back to the free version it won't work again. It seems there is just a flaw in your product and no way to fix it. If I delete and re-install the free version will it delete all my products and content also? Anyone have this issue? If this cannot be resolved I can find another cart option.

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    So pretty simple solution here I think, if you need support, then you need a license... if you want to go free, go for that option is just fine, but don't expect us to support and figure out why your payments don't work, etc... I'm not trying to be rude in anyway when I say that, but that is the reality of it and if we were to get a technical support person on here to figure out why the payments aren't going through, then it takes time and technical support to figure out why, could be a million reasons for this, maybe a pro feature was used, and now going free it's turned off, and we need to figure out what it was, maybe it's a different payment gateway, lots of maybes here.

    Our free version contains stripe, square, and paypal, I would go to your payment area, make sure you are reverting and setting back to one of those methods, maybe disconnect and reconnect to see if you can get it setup correctly, we have settings -> log entries to help in some cases, but these are all things our tech can look at with support. Without it, you are saying it's not worth it and you can do it yourself...


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      First I do not believe you read my post completely. I said if I buy the license for pro- why would I go to free? See I would've just paid for pro - which by the way I have done several times. To which I did mention SEVERAL times to your agency. This issue was there before and the fix was to pay for the license. So! If that is a hook to keep people paying then why offer a free version.

      I do not EXPECT anyone to do it for free. You are not understanding and refusing to hear the real issue.

      I know that paypal, stripe and square are all part of it. I have them enable and connected. I'll give your advice a shot and see if it works. Again, this happens every time I need to renew. I suspect it is the cause.

      I've been a paying customer of Easy Cart for many years. I do not appreciate you saying that I'm wanting free- service. Especially when I never ask for free service. I'm saying that IF I pay for the Pro then how will that help me with the free?

      Then after that license is expired for pro - I'll have the issue again. I never said I wouldn't pay someone to fix it.

      You should have - and I've looked in Upwork and Fiverr that there isn't anyone that knows Easycart- some sort of service to help fix the free version issues and have a fixed price. Just sayin! If you want to keep customers like me that has been with you for years...... just a thought.

      Some agencies offer a expired support extension for like 29.99....

      I've connected everything and will try and use your suggestion. I hope that this resolves so I feel better about keeping Easy Cart. Thanks


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        Sorry you are having trouble... we do have a fixed price for looking into and fixing free edition issues... it's our pro support for $69 dollars a year. You not only get pro features, but a key here is you get support.

        I think that is often overlooked and people feel they just get more features with pro... but really it is also the support you get that you pay for $69 dollars a year. If you are wanting to run the free edition, but feel you need support, that is what our $69 pro plan is for. We considered doing just a small support fee for something low cost like you suggested ( I know apple does this at $99 for 2 questions) but in the end, we didn't want to micro manage that type of thing...

        but if you just have issue with payment gateway, I would just disconnect/reconnect, see if that fixes things.
        if that doesn't do it for stripe, square, or paypal, then might look in log entries, they often give a telling sign.

        Beyond that though, it's hard to look at without getting a tech support person on there, and we don't do tech support on our free edition... a person has to have access to submit support tickets in their account and this a pro or premium requirement... I wasn't suggesting you didn't want to pay for anything, just suggesting that is the pathway for us to get some support on your case and help you out.