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  • Forceful License Change

    I've had my license since 2015 and started out with the Standard License at that time. I got the notification (like everyone else) that Standard was going to be discontinued and that I would have to pay to upgrade to Pro or Premium to keep using the same level of features. I paid the additional to do the Pro to Premium upgrade but my license information never reflected correctly on my Wordpress installation. I asked about it but was told that everything was fine as long as I could access the Pro features. This inconsistency on the Wordpress installation continually triggered "You need to upgrade" notifications that incorrectly stated I only had a Legacy Standard license that would be discontinued. I asked about the longevity of my license since now the pricing had been changed to a yearly fee for support and I was reassured that my features wouldn't disappear since the yearly fee was really only for support. Now I'm getting notifications that because my license expired that I've been forced down to the Free version and may now be getting charged 2% fees on transactions. Is this now part of the way that the WP Easycart plugin is designed? That if it gets updated in any way then it breaks recognition of your paid license and forces you down to the free version if you're not currently paying for support? If this is true, then it's a sad progression of events that leads a company to treat their early supporters this way. I used to tell everyone that I talked to about creating an online store to check out WP Easycart but I'm not sure that I can maintain that positive attitude much longer.

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    Yes, our Standard edition was end of life on January 1, 2020. Those users could stay there, or they can go Pro & Premium if they want. We have stopped development of the older Standard edition and licensing system at this point.

    If you upgraded to Pro or Premium, then you are moved onto those systems completely... You get 12 months support & upgrades with those, and if you decide to not renew then you lose features, upgrades, and you revert to the free edition. Pro & Premium systems will only run if you are active on them with active licensing each 12 months.

    I'm happy to look into your situation if you shoot us an email at and some email to look at. If your license is not reflecting this, and you are active, we will certainly get it all sorted out. if you just have not renewed and you have a Pro or Premium, then you must renew each 12 months to get updates or it goes to free edition.