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Hover over image WP EasyCart logo?

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  • Hover over image WP EasyCart logo?

    Hi All; silly question but its driving me mad, how can I remove the WP Easy cart logo from popping up when I hover over the product image? Using the standard plugin theme

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    I believe stompin is correct, the hover effect is for a 2 image design, try changing the hover effect to something like a grow, shrink or lighten/darken effect, then it won't look for the 2nd image...

    Another option, as stompin suggested is changing out the default image, another way around this is to upload your own image with company logo to the 2nd image, thus it will rollover and hover and show your own image.


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      The logo for WP EasyCart is a little bit different from other WordPress themes. The image of a hover hover over the logo is not showing on the live preview of the theme. Visit this source for travel templates. The plugin provides you with all the tools and features you need to sell your products on your WordPress website.